Visualization Examples

This directory contains a number of visualization examples that can be used to display information collected using the acitoolkit. Many of the examples are meant to run alongside the ACI Endpoint Tracker application and interact with the MySQL database that the ACI Endpoint Tracker populates. Most of the visualization examples are interactive.


To run the visualizations, the python package Flask is required. This can be installed using pip as follows:

pip install flask

It is also recommended that the ACI Endpoint Tracker is installed.


Run the visualizations as follows (supplying your own MySQL credentials):

python --mysqlip --mysqllogin root --mysqlpassword password

Alternatively, you can create a file in the same directory with the following:


If the file is used, run the visualizations as follows:


Once the visualizations are running, you should see the following displayed:

* Running on
* Restarting with reloader

Simply point your favorite web browser to the following URL and explore: